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Retail View has established itself as a successful retail support firm, providing training and development solutions for a variety of retail formats across India.

The entire concept and idea of shopping has undergone a paradigm shift in terms of format and consumer buying behaviour, resulting in shopping revolution in the country over the last few years.

Today’s retailers face a number of challenges in ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining customer loyalty. To this end, well-trained and informed employees using the right systems and processes are required.

Retail View is actively participating in this retail revolution by imparting training and development solutions.

What We Do?

At Retail View, we believe that training is a vital to bring about corrective measures and consistently deliver the Service Level Agreement (SLA’s). However, it is not a solution in itself. Hence, we will work very closely with you, bringing about a positive change.

We address your pressing business issues arising from the operating environment, including low productivity, high turnover, lack of knowledge, poor safety records, high error rates, and excessive wastage of time.

Retail View engages with you to identify the skill level and functional level concerns and put the participants through a rigorous training program to bridge the gap. Induction and refresher methodology is followed, ensuring continuous touch-points throughout the year.

How We Do?

On-going assessments throughout the training process and constant feedback to the candidates and employers help identify any further remedial steps. Throughout the training program, we use a variety of training aids such as lectures, videos, presentations, discussions, role plays, different assessment tools, classroom, and on-the-job interventions to cater to all types of learning profiles.

Our training programs have a successful record of not only improving productivity, mystery shopping scores, but also in bringing about higher motivation levels in employees, and thus helping the organisation in retention.

Why Retail View?

We are Retail Performance Specialist who:

  • Have hands on real time experience.
  • Provide a proven unique and performance-driven perspective on what it takes to create a shopping experience that delivers higher sales—training , VM and    SOP to start with.
  • Make it simple for others to grasp and implement because we are truly “Specialists” with deep retail knowledge.
  • Exist to address the need for experienced Retail consulting advice and implementation guidance in the areas of Retail Training (Sales Team, Store Managers, Retail Ops Managers, Retail Senior Managers), Retail Strategies, Retail Best-Practices, Retail Productivity, and Retail Buying and Merchandising.
  • Provide need assessment audits
  • Provide easy methodologies thus empowering our clients partnering with us.
  • Customize Retail Training Modules in tandem with International Best Practices
  • Have made unique range of tailor ready training program with module that are targeted and based on increasing KPI’s. like units in a bill, avg bill amount, etc.
  • Build and practice retail strategies for sustainable growth.

We will deliver a well-greased Retail Operations which will serve as the stepping stone for your future growth!!

Our Team


Dev Borah

Retail Consultant

Joseph Dass

Retail Sales Trainer

Rahul Kochat

Leadership Trainer

V. Jayalakshmi

Lead HR


Retail Training

Retail training refers to training that caters to enhancement and success of employees in the retail industry. Retail training is further divided into two distinct training requirements

Retail Consulting

By finishing detailed strategic and calculated reviews of store process and procedures, we help store operations executives to improve both in-store processes and profitability

Retail Recruitement

Our experienced team guides the retail chain staff to achieve real, lasting changes and measurable results with more speed to benefits realization. We identify opportunities to improve

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Our Clients

Our prime objective is to enhance skill and improve domain knowledge of individuals who are entering – or are already in – the workforce. We do this by increasing awareness and understanding of essential skills, rigorous training interventions, ongoing assessments, feedback, reports, and continuous and periodical touch points; thus delivering updated domain knowledge at every intervention.


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