Paytm Mall Campus Icon Programme receives over 20,000 entries

New Delhi: Paytm Mall, owned by Paytm e-commerce Pvt. Ltd. launched an industry-focused learning programme Campus Iconwhich will mentor students on critical real-world techniques related to product, marketing, design among others via seminars.This has received over 20,000 responses. The programme has attracted students from 4000 colleges, with more than 75 percent of all applications coming from colleges in […]

Be an Effective Retail Manager

How do retail managers learn to be effective? Unlike managers in some other industries, comparatively few retail managers have degrees in management. Nevertheless, they face a variety of challenges in a fast-paced, competitive environment. Key Challenges for Retail Managers A retail manager’s goal is to maximize productivity. This is tough. Store staffs likely include inexperienced, […]

The shape of things

Fitting plays a crucial role in the fashion design process. Customers procure garments with proper fit or even pursue the perfect fit, though the fashion trend changes with time. Designers or tailors have used mannequins for garment-fitting in search of the perfect fit for centuries. Today, they are still essential for garment-making, although each mannequin […]

Factors Affecting Buying Decision of the Customers at the Store

There are several factors which affect the buying decision of the customers. Let us go through them one by one: Store Display and Presentation of ProductsThe store display plays an important role in influencing the buying decision of the customers. It is the display of the store which attracts passing individuals into the store. The store […]


If you own or manage a growing retail business, you probably wear many hats. You may be the person responsible for ordering inventory, hiring new employees, balancing the books, and processing payroll. So adding retail staff training to that mix may seem like overkill. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Properly trained staff leads […]

10 ways to advance your career in retail

Do you work in the retail industry but wish you were moving up your career ladder a little faster? The first piece of good news we have for you is that we recently updated the Retail Dive job board, and it now has an updated redesign to showcase openings at companies including, eBay, Banana Republic and […]

Indian Retailers Innovate to Engage In-store Shoppers

The retail industry is where change is the new constant. Globally, the retail sector has been undergoing a revolution of sorts – driven not only by fast-changing consumer preferences and behaviour but also advances in technology. Foreign and domestic retailers operating in India too have started taking steps to deliver the next unique ‘experience’ to […]

Emotionally Intelligent People Have 2 Important Skills That Others Don’t

How do I increase my emotional intelligence (EQ)? originally appeared on Quora – the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.   Learning to use emotional intelligence is like learning to walk. When you have never done it before, there’s a lot of stumbling, but once you get it […]

7 Examples For Setting Professional Development Goals At Work

We shared with you why goals are important and will keep productivity levels up at work. But setting goals shouldn’t stop with just things to accomplish on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. You should be setting goals that revolve around your development in the workplace, allowing you to progress in your professional life. Great goal setting […]

Learning the Leadership Lessons of Retail

Tis the season to shop: As we endured Gray Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday a few weeks ago, I reflected on some of the enduring lessons from the early years of my career in retail that I have carried forward into my study of leadership. I worked under Bloomingdale’s legendary CEO Marvin Traub as well as […]