E-commerce firms gets ready with sail-through plans

E-commerce companies in India have rushed to make announcements on new offerings or are strategising fast on their next move, in the wake of Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, entering India on June 5. Seattle-based Amazon’s US rival, the San Jose-headquartered eBay, has made two back-to-back announcements in India. Earlier this week, it announced […]

What after cash on delivery?

After cash on delivery (CoD), what? Many e-commerce websites in India are grappling with precisely this question two years after Flipkart offered that game-changing option to its buyers. Now, CoD is like a hygiene factor in the business. You either do it or you are not there at all. Consider the stakes. Global e-commerce sales […]

Snapdeal growth surge gets eBay’s interest

Shilpa Gupta and her colleagues have caught the online shopping bug. Each morning, the human resources staffers for an Indian newspaper try to guess whose purchases will arrive that day. Increasingly, their packages arrive from Snapdeal.com, one of India’s fastest-growing e-commerce sites. The three-year-old startup has caught the attention of eBay, which recently led a […]

Flipkart move to marketplace is triumph of clicks over bricks

With India’s largest e-commerce entity Flipkart announcing the launch of a marketplace platform, many in the sector wonder if this model is more suited for the Indian market than the inventory-led one. The marketplace model, as propagated by eBay, brings buyers and sellers in direct contact. As in an inventory-based model, a marketplace platform does […]

Delhi shops the most this Diwali

India’s eCommerce marketplace, eBay released the India Festive Shopping Trends based on an analysis of all transactions on eBay India in October 2012. The report showcases interesting festive online shopping trends of India and its Top Festive Shopping Cities. Online shopping is main stream this festive season with Indian consumers across the length & breadth […]

eBay International’s India profits out of tax net

eBay International AG, a Swiss tax resident, need not pay any income-tax on the profits earned from its two India-specific websites, the Mumbai Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal has ruled. The tribunal ruled that the fees received from customers for use of an online platform cannot be characterised as fees for technical services (FTS) under income-tax law. […]

eBay bans magic spells, potions, and curses sales from site

London:Online shopping site eBay is set to ban the sales of magic spells, potions, and curses as part of a ‘routine clean-up’. In a policy update, the firm said that the sales of “advice, spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic services, prayers, blessings; Psychic, Tarot, Reiki, and other metaphysical readings & services; magic potions [and] healing […]

eBay, PayPal promote online retail exports

This is part of eBay and PayPal’s collaboration with FIEO to stimulate the growth of Indian retail exporters by helping them sell online to 100 million plus international consumers in 190 markets and accept payments in up to 25 currencies. A series of workshops will be conducted in other cities, namely Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kochi, […]

EBay, Walmart to develop search engines in web marketing push

EBay Inc and Walmart Stores Inc are developing Web search engines to better compete against Amazon.com Inc in the fast-growing e-commerce market. As more people shop online, they often end up at the top of a website typing in a product name. If they cannot find what they want quickly, they will likely go to […]