Is India ready for SHOWROOMING?

In a decade or so, the shopping experience is going to be completely digital, and it would be impossible to miss digital billboards, virtual shops, interactive posters or cyberstores as you walk down your favourite shopping lane. Unqiue QR codes on interactive billboards and kiosks will gleam at you, and invite you to ‘check them […]

Retail in Future – 2

Retail in Future- 2 In my first ‘Retail in Future’ post, I basically outlined some of the problems: razor-thin margins and showrooming. Here I hope to start outlining how I think the industry can start to react to these pressures. What is retail? The business of retail hasn’t changed all that much. Fundamentally it is […]

Retail in Future

“Brick-and-Mortar Retail is Dead” “Showrooming Marks End of the Retail Store” “How Can Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Compete?” These kinds of headlines perpetuate newspapers, blogs, and the internet on a frequent basis. It’s not exactly a secret, but retailers are struggling and I think none more so than the ones in the electronics sector. Once you put […]

‘Showrooming’ Is a Valid Concern for Retailers

Researching by smartphone while in-store is on the rise. “Showrooming,” the practice of researching merchandise in a store, then buying it elsewhere—online, by phone or from another brick-and-mortar business—has retailers nervous, and rightly so. Price-conscious consumers are inclined to defect when presented with a better deal. Shoppers armed with smartphones, though, have been causing the […]