What each trainer needs to do to ensure implementation of learning on the Job?

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“Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.”- Brian Tracy

On an average in each training session a total of around 200 man hours are spent learning new concepts and skills. Collectively, this is a huge amount of time being spent by the organizations each year. The amount of time and money being spent on the development of the participants needs to be justified in the over all implementations of the learning on the job.

It’s impossible for our human brain to recollect everything that we learn in a session later. The ability to recollect thoughts and memories from a session becomes more difficult as the time passes.

Imagine if we keep a notebook with us which we carry to all our training sessions that we attend. Whatever thought and learning comes during the sessions we can pen down the points in this notebook. This will be a great reservoir of learning and wisdom for us over the time. When we change job or go to a different industry we can use this learning books as reference for finding solution to any of the challenge we might face.

Once in a month there can be a Mini Learning Meet where an experienced employee can come and share his learnings over time with his Learning Book. Carrying the Learning Book during each training session should become a culture in the organization.

When we have to go for an interview, we can carry our learning book with us and if the interviewer asks we can explain the concept of Learning Book to him. The interviewer will definitely like to associate his organization with a person who respects knowledge and have taken care of his learnings so nicely over the time.

It might seem like a simple thought of carrying notebook to each training that we attend, but if this can be followed across an organization, the retention and implementation of knowledge on the job will become much easier.

Please ask your clients before any training to inform the candidates to bring their “Learning Books” with them. A small step like this can be a beginning of change in culture in the work place.

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