Retail View’s Outstanding Customer Service Training

Retail View’s Outstanding Customer Service training program sets the standard for improving customer service in the workplace.  Not only do our workshops engage your team and introduce skills critical to your workplace, but we create an ongoing support structure so that you see real change.  We are more than just a customer service training company.

Three Levels of Outstanding Customer Service Training

There are three progressive levels to our Outstanding Customer Service training.  Each is a full-day workshop.   The Foundational, Advanced and Master customer service workshops are focused on the six pillars of customer service, and  introduce your team to progressively challenging and effective customer service practices.

Each workshop is carefully customized to your organization. I if you are looking for more completely tailored customer service program or curriculum, or more in-depth two- and three-day workshops, just let us know – we do that too.

Who Outstanding Customer Service is for

This highly effective series of training is for everyone who touches your customers.  Because we customize it to your team, your organization and your training goals, there is no fear of an ineffective, generic program.

This highly motivational training workshop focuses on driving home to your team the skills and attitudes they need to make a positive difference in the lives of their customers and your organization.  The outcomes of the Foundational workshop include:

  • More consistent positive interactions
  • Increased confidence when dealing with customers
  • Greater employee ownership over the customer experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth

Raise your team to the next level of customer service. The advanced workshop will build off the skills and techniques learned in the Foundational class. It gives your team the tools they need to engage customers with enhanced communication skills and presence.  The outcomes of the Advanced workshop include:

  • Greater service consistency across teams and departments
  • More positive and accurate communications
  • Stronger, more loyal, customer relationships
  • Greater control in customer interactions

The Master Program is for those who want to truly be considered customer service professionals. Participants will learn the science behind “Wowing” their customers, and the powerful skills of ownership, creativity and problem-solving.   The outcomes of the Master workshop include:

  • Greater first-interaction satisfaction
  • Consistent follow-through with customers
  • More creative engagement with customers and their needs
  • Consistent ownership over customer interactions

Contact us to learn more about the Master level workshop

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