Sales Mastery Workshop

Sales mastery  using Nlp, DRIVES RESULTS THROUGH SALES methodology, sales STRATEGY, AND negotiation SKILLS

  • Lead the conversation with your intended buyer to get your desired outcome
  • Develop skills to identify your customers buying and decision making strategies
  • Create several ways to conversationally re-frame any objection into mutual understanding
  • Build strong rapport with your customer to instantly build trust based relationship
  • Learn hypnotic language patterns to communicate your ideas across to your customers without any resistance
  • Listen effectively to identify your customers belief & value system to demonstrate how your product or service will add value to them
  • Establish sustainable buyer-seller relationship for business growth
  • Turn any sales Negotiation into a win-win scenario
  • Be in empowering state to overcome fear of rejection and turn it into success
  • Learn several closing & negotiation techniques to create better sales conversion

NLP for sales is a program designed to help you master the art of influence and persuasion, while being able to communicate your ideas to anyone with ease. This program is created out of modelling some of the most successful sales professionals around the world. While we will be leading this program in the context of sales, it will add value to anyone who needs to improve their persuasion, negotiation & influencing skills with people without getting resistance.


This program is not just for anyone who is into sales. This program is for anyone who would like to master the art of communication and influence others around you with ease

  • Increase your sales volume
  • Put your ideas across to anyone without any resistance
  • Easily negotiate to reach a win-win situation
  • Bypass conscious mind and address directly at unconscious level

Identify others thinking strategy
The Essence of NLP lies in the process of modelling. NLP gives us an opportunity to experience a skill that someone is extremely good and learn to reproduce it in no time. NLP helps in understanding the structure of excellence and once we know it, we can control it and reproduce it at any time we want.

So, how does the sales process work? It works by creating a powerful relationship with clients, Understanding what they really want and have the ability to communicate how your product will give them exactly what they want.

When was the last time you convinced your friend to watch a particular movie which you really, really enjoyed? How were you able to sell the movie so effortlessly? How did you say, felt that was easily communicated to them?

NLP gives us an opportunity to explore your essence of being excellent at sales and will help you create a step by step structure that you can use anytime and every time you need.

This is one area of training we enjoy the most. For most of the two days, the actual work will be done by you while our lead trainer will just be there to facilitate the conversations. You will have a coach working with you for two days and the following month to make sure you succeed with your outcomes.

  • Real time feedback with personal coaches at the program.
  • Several strategies to generate more leads
  • Create sales script (phone/email) based on principles of hypnosis
  • Objection handling – Patterns that turn any objections into opportunities

Create charismatic impression during meetings

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