We ensure sustained behavior change and drive increased sales performance

Technology and tools can keep the process on track, but even the coolest app is no match for the ability to hold a dialogue and clearly articulate value, eye to eye. The problem is most salespeople don’t have the skills or confidence to initiate compelling conversations with customers. This is where Retail View can help.

Retail View is a global sales training and sales force effectiveness company. We have over 30 years of experience creating customized sales training solutions that build organizational capability and improves the individual skills necessary to grow profitable sales.

Retail View’s approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right sales activity and effective customer dialogues at every stage of your selling cycle. To help you achieve your goals, we partner with you to develop a culture of continuous learning that drives sustained improved performance.

We equip your sales organization with the effective dialogues skills through our time-proven Sales Effectiveness System that combines assessment, customized sales, training and integrated performance support tools to sustain and reinforce learning.

We provide an emphasis on skills to execute in the sales process and tools that enable your sales people to succeed.

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Sales Effectiveness Solutions by Retail View deliver proven content, deep customization, and expert perspective to help you meet your exact development needs.
Retail View’s customized solutions helps leaders prepare their organizations to execute sales strategies and achieve business objectives.
At Retail View, we seek to partner with you to develop continuous learning solutions that help change behaviors, enhance the effectiveness of your sales organization.

What We Do?

At Retail View, we believe that training is a vital to bring about corrective measures and consistently deliver the Service Level Agreement (SLA’s). However, it is not a solution in itself. Hence, we will work very closely with you, bringing about a positive change.

We address your pressing business issues arising from the operating environment, including low productivity, high turnover, lack of knowledge, poor safety records, high error rates, and excessive wastage of time.

Retail View engages with you to identify the skill level and functional level concerns and put the participants through a rigorous training program to bridge the gap. Induction and refresher methodology is followed, ensuring continuous touch-points throughout the year.

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