Leaders always look toward the future.

More than 5 years ago, our company, pioneered a revolutionary sales training program for businesses of every size. Today, our proven sales training program has made us a leader in sales and management training, with hundreds of training centers throughout India and across the globe.

While much has changed in the business world since then, Retail View has always kept pace. Under the leadership of Dev Borah, Director, Retail View continues to innovate. In that spirit, we recently launched online reinforcement tools that our clients can use in addition to face-to-face training. And we will continue to incorporate online reinforcement, online learning management and increased mobile availability.

With our unique reinforcement model, we can give businesses a competitive advantage by helping create a highly skilled sales force and inspiring management and leadership to excellence.

  • 2013

    James Klick and Dev Borah developed the High Performance Selling System® methodology and created the concept of ‘reinforcement training’ to support it.

  • 2014

    Dev Borah went on to create a series of proven sales training programs for small- and mid-sized companies in India and across Asia.

  • 2015

    Dev Borah expanded the training into a institutional operation known as the Retail View Training & Consulting®.

  • 2016

    The company’s name was changed to Retail View® to more accurately reflect the diversity of our training offerings, which have expanded beyond sales training to include management, leadership, negotiating skills, customer service, executive coaching and mentoring.

  • Today

    Retail View is an organization with a rich history that dominates the global sales training market. We have more than 5 offices across India and Asia, providing instruction in 7 languages.

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